Friday, 12 October 2007

The zombies are coming, the zombies are coming!

The best thing about viral marketing is that if done correctly, the bloggers and their Internet buddies will do the PR for you. Just look at the way that JJ Abrams new film has gone global, before its even been given a proper name. It's currently known as '1-18-08' or 'Clovefield' and has the Internet buzzing with rumours thanks to a cleverly shot trailer followed swiftly by a small website, ripe for analysis by the Internet hordes.

John Frank Rosenblum, executive producer of Alive, is hoping for a bit more than some decent PR, he's after a whole TV series and channel to distribute it too. Epic Level Entertainment decided to avoid the costly business of making a multi million dollar pilot only to see the series canceled before the theme tune kicks in. They shot 3 small viral videos and set up a number of websites, such as Falcon Rock Command and Science Cannot Save You, that helped increase the buzz amongst sci-fi/zombie nuts.

It's the perfect way of presenting your concept or brand by generating a buzz first with your target audience. It's already got people talking on forums, as they explore the videos for clues about the storyline etc. The main website Falcon Rock Command is releasing a full video preview next week, which apparently will answer a lot of questions, but until then, check out their 2nd viral below.

I hope it gets picked up by a network, but if it doesn't i wonder if it would work as a strictly web only series, with enough support behind it i can't see why not.

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