Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Photo Globe - MY IDEA FIRST!!

I have the sketches to prove it, but this is awfully similar to an idea i had for a 'Travel Client' of ours at work. These guys have used 'NextWindow Human Touch' which is, as far i can find out, is similar software to the Microsoft Surface table that was announced recently, only that it's not multi touch. I love the idea of browsing a globe and being able to see photos/videos straight away from the destination on a map, it's a great mash-up of Google Earth and YouTube, no doubt you could chuck in some Flickr albums too.

It looks a little rough around the edges, but i like the concept (not just cos it's mine...)


Lynn V. Marentette said...


I'm glad you liked the photo-globe. Here is a link to another clip that shows how the pictures link to related videos.

I travel quite a bit and thought something like this would be nice to have on a cruise ship for planning both on-board and shore activities.

Most of the pictures on the globe were from my vacations!

Lynn V. Marentette said...

Here is the other photo-globe example