Monday, 6 August 2007

Bespoke Digital Advertising courtesy of Costa Rica

David W. Kenny, the chairman and chief executive of Digitas, the advertising agency in Boston is claiming that "It is only a matter of time until nearly all advertisements around the world are digital." Now, forgive me, i'm not a multi million dollar exec, but i'd kind of come to that assumption a while ago, maybe David's PA wants to nip out and grab him a copy of Wired and new iPod, quickly get him up to speed....

Mr kenny is claiming he's revolutionising the entire Publicis worldwide conglomerate, which contains agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. The plan (and here's where things get clever) is to use cheaper off shore agencies to produce thousands of versions of various ad's and by crunching (a lot of) data will be able to select which spots to show, whenever a person logs onto a media network, be it the net, TV or their mobile.

The Digitas/Publicis partnership, hopes to harvest a bucket load of metadata about peoples viewing history and habits, and to be honest it sounds like a simple enough idea, why use one ad when 4000 individualy tailored ones will do.

Check out: For more info.

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KP said...

Kathryn Parsons is a Channel Planner at Ogilvy Advertising and had this to say, thanks KP!

I think they have the wrong end of the stick - yes you can gather data till the cows come home but it is what you DO with it that counts - the insights about your consumers as a whole which tell you how you should probably be behaving as a brand - I am not an advocate of the "consumer in control" mantra - to be honest we may live in a world where it is "what you what, where you want it, how you want it", but despite hearing this so often I am often underwhelmed by it....I really dont feel this way - and if most people were honest they either dont really know what they want or would like a lot of the decisions made for them - the ability for highly targeted one-to-one advertising is certainly there - the extent to which consumers will use or even want it is highly debatable I think...