Monday, 30 July 2007

Wii-ing in Second Life

As Nintendo continue to show the big boys of Sony and Microsoft how it's done, it would seem they have started to pick up some friends in high places, such as David E Stone over at MIT. He's a big fan of the Wii remote and see's it as "one of the most significant technology breakthroughs in the history of computer science." Stones big idea, is combining the innovative gryoscopic mouse with the interactive 3D space within Second Life to move away from playing virtual golf and create enviroments within second life to help replicate hands on training for anything from Surgery to Engineering.

It's a interesting idea, that i think could work, expecially if Linden Labs get involved from the get go. The ability to build and create all manner of shapes and tools via the Prims means the applications could be endless as well as the cost ramifications, with companies able to train multiple employees all at a once, in high risk jobs, in the safety of their office, or even their home, from anywhere around the globe.

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I love this. More of the same please!