Friday, 13 July 2007

Transformers Movie Soundtrack: Awful or just really bad?

Who's bright idea was this? Everything about the movie looks awesome (so far, i have yet to see it, one of the many drawbacks of living in the UK), I can forgive all the re-designing of the robots, (i don't care at all that Bumblebee is not a VW, seriously, he'd look flipping awful), but this theme tune..... Is unforgivable, it could have been so much better, actually me, playing it on the spoons would be better.

It starts off OK, ish, there are some guitars and i can nearly ignore the horrible voice over saying 'Transformers, robots in disguise' (Soundwave would not be happy) and then, just when you're nearly re-living your early years, some teen angsty little tyke decides to scream over it followed by what could only be the worst musical roll call, i've ever, EVER heard....

I have to stop before i burst something, have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Transformers Movie Soundtrack

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