Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Radium Audio Ltd - Strange Arrangements

The amazing guys over at Radium Audio Ltd collaborated with Weareseventeen to produce the wonderful Strange Arrangements film that was shown at the onedotzero festival in London, which you can see below. So impressed were they by the visuals that they forced themselves to up their game and create a sound track which included a recording of every thing that is seen within the film. Radium have some serious toys at their disposal & having had the pleasure of meeting them a couple of times and seen their bizarre collection of copper boxes with numerous knobs, switches and antennae (which they refer to as their home-brew hardware) i can imagine the lengths they went to to record the source FX's used. I suggest you take a minute and watch the making of as well (also below), which should go some way to showing the dedication and imagination that Radium put into their projects.

And now the making off:

Thanks to Vimeo and Radium Audio Ltd

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