Monday, 20 September 2010

Lords Pro40 Final - Wickets & Photos

Lords Pro40 Final, originally uploaded by neile2007.

Somerset V Warickshire on Sat 18th, the Pro40 final, what an ideal day for a game of cricket. Tickets came my way via a colleague which i snapped up in hope that my west country brothers could finally do the right thing in getting to a final and not coming second, or indeed last. It wasn't to be, but it didn't stop me taking multiple photos with the excellent camera on the iPhone4 and glueing them together via AutoStich, an excellent little app that i highly recommend. It doesn't care if the pics aren't in a line or you took them at 3 different times through out the day, which also works wonders i might add.

All good clean fun, just a shame about the 20 run over which let all that hard work slip away, Hunter will remember that for some time.

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