Sunday, 30 January 2011

Half Life 2... The (short) Film!

Continuing the alien theme, have you ever played Half Life 2? No? Well, frankly I'm disappointed, but if you haven't it's one of the most successful FPS (First Person Shooter) games ever released. It's essentially a sci-fi adventure against alien adversity where you take part in a good old human uprising. It's commonly referenced for its amazing design and general futuristic style, most recently in Karl Erik Rinsh's short film for the Phillips Parallel Lines project; 'The Gift'. Now some plucky fellow called Brian Curtin has taken it to the next step by making a short film based in and around the world of HL2. Filmed on a tiny budget of $1200 and shot on a Canon HV20 Mini DV. The 12 minute short took Brian and his 7 friends 2 years to complete and no doubt a shed load of After Effects filters I expect. It's a fantastic achievement and I for one am intrigued to see what he can produce with a decent camera and twice the budget. Canon should send him a 5D.

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