Saturday, 6 November 2010

Removing my phones keyboard & 3D mapping for Vimeo

I don't class myself as being particularly huge or massive limbed, but i for one struggle to knock out a quick text reply (whilst avoiding obvious yoof speak) on my iPhone, due to my inability to hit the touch screen keys accurately. Replying that i will be 'just 5 minutes' can sometimes take me, 5 minutes or longer.

Saying all that, if someone suggested we remove the keyboard from my phone, much like that awful car on Top Gear that had a joystick instead of steering wheel, i would laugh at them and point mockingly.

This hasn't stopped a company called 8pen, doing just that, by replacing the standard QWERTY keyboard with a large, open space in which letters and phrases are constructed by a series of gesture inputs through specific sectors of the pad. The input free's up a lot of screen space, allowing for bigger Enter, Shift & Delete buttons.

The concept aims to bring back a more simple and fluent technique that better replicates actual handwriting. The video explains it much better than i can in words, so take 4 mins to look through how you might be sending texts and emails in the near future.

8pen is available on handsets running Android 2.2, would love to hear if anyone has used it and how successful it was.

You can read more about it at

Secondly and on a much larger scale is this fantastic demo of projection mapping 3D content. To help celebrate the Vimeo awards which in turn was sponsored by Honda, they used the Frank Gehry IAC HQ as a canvas in which to project this impressive light and sound display, created by the guys at Seeper.

My favourite part is @ 1:13 when things go a bit TRON, and yes, you'll have to bare with the slightly infuriating camera work too, i for one would be happy to watch the whole thing on a wide shot without it being over cut by some enthusiastic editor.

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