Sunday, 19 July 2009

Augmented Reality - Get your kids outdoors

The chaps behind 'The Hidden Park' have managed to combine the best of ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming) with Geocaching together with the iPhones ability to accurately pinpoint your location. With the additional Digital Camera as well as the Accelerometer, which is the funky feature that allows the iPhone to respond accordingly to any physical motion.

The adventure begins with a video call from a friendly Troll called 'Trutton' who is asking for your help with the Magical Wildlife Protection Association. He explains that the park he and his friends live in are in danger of being destroyed by greedy developers and that he hopes that you are able to follow his map and collect vital evidence to help prove their existence.

The application built by the Ozzie company 'Bulpadok' has been designed to work with 10 different parks worldwide including Central Park and our own Kensington Gardens, each one following a unique magical map, which as it is followed via the iPhone, brings a collection of riddles to solve and magical beasties to combat in order to save the park.

The ability to document your journey with photos, helps give each adventure a unique twist, especially as the parks mystic inhabitants magically appear in your finished pics.

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