Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Movie Boy - How interesting can this really get?

Firstly, yes, its been a while, i know by now i've had more come backs than Madonna, but i thought this was an appropriate article to blog about as its been done by my pals over at Glue London.

As part of The Suns 'Hollywoods Greats' movie give away, they have seen it fit to lock a poor boy up in a room, to watch movies, back to back.... You can message him, pick his next film and enter a daily competition to win £1000 if you guess the amount of hours watched in total over 7 days.

Most of the recent comments seem to involve, Jamie's rather unfortunate choice of vest, but generally , its built up quite a little following, though i do wonder, who will be watching this by the end of the week. Saying that, i've been logged in since this morning, so....

The free movies that are available won't set many film fans alight, but anything with LA Story and Bill & Ted, has got my vote.

Check out the link for yourself, here.

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